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 The Data Compression Site on the Internet

www.data-compression.info is intended as a central resource for information of the data compression field. It is devided in several parts: the algorithm part, the corpora part, the comparison part, the ABC part, the books part, the conferences part, the site-history part and the part to links of friends.
algorithms part consists of links to algorithm resources on the internet, like papers, peoples and source codes.
corpora part lists several sets of files, which are used for evaluating compression performance. You may want to take a look at the Protein Corpus, a new corpus inside the data compression world.
comparisons part contains file based results for data compression programs, which include the average compressions rate, the total compression rate and the speed for compression and decompression.
The next part is the home of
ABC - the Advanced Blocksorting Compressor. ABC is a free data compression program based on the Burrows-Wheeler transformation. The source code is written in OBJECT PASCAL (DELPHI) and free for academic, research and educational use.
A brief list of data compression books is the subject of the
books part.
conferences part keeps a list of current conferences around the world, which are related to the data compression field.
site-history part contains the last changes made on this site.
The last part is a collection of
links to friends of this site. Please take a look at this page too and visit the corresponding sites.

Besides data compression, I am concerned with another research topic: medical image processing. If you like, you might want to take a peek at my other Internet site
www.medical-image-processing.info, where I collect lots of information and links about this topic.

The date format used on these pages is: dd.mm.yyyy.

My name is Jürgen Abel and I am the author of this site.
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